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Why Choose IECS?

The past, present and future success of IECS is attributable to the contributions of our employees. We embrace the fact that the people of IECS are what truly make us a world class local business.

As such, we value individuals who share IECS's ethic of excellence. We recruit for employees who want to be challenged in their respective fields.

We’re not only builders of innovative projects, but at IECS, building your career is our top priority. We’re committed to continuous improvements and one of the ways we ensure we meet that goal is by providing our employees with training opportunities to stay on the leading edge of engineering and construction.

When you join IECS, you become part of a team of talented, dedicated professionals who take great pride in working together towards a common goal; delivering high quality, distinctive, efficient projects that meet our clients’ needs.

As a member of the IECS team, you the employee, will be in control of your own career. And with operations across various borders, your destination possibilities are virtually unlimited. The degree of knowledge, experience, and education you possess will determine your entry level but where you go from there is up to you with ample opportunities to follow one of the many paths designed to help you advance through the company.

Our college recruitment program is tailored to introduce recent college graduates to the engineering and construction world while our internship provides students with engineering and construction-related majors an opportunity to experience what it means to work on a challenging project before completing their degree.

We focus on the safety and the career development of our employees. Through an extensive training program, employees continually strive to be better, safer, more focused, and highly skilled.

We support various company sports teams including cricket, soccer and table tennis and community involvement group activities.

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